Rainwater Worldwide

An International Collaborative Project

Welcome to our Science collaboration, an international experiment to connect students from all over the world in playing around and having fun with Chemistry.

Welcome to our international science collaboration, where we will work with natural elements to reproduce a very well-known experiment and analyze the acidity of rainwater worldwide.

The objective is to create these indicators, wait for rainwater to fall, collected, and analyze and post the results of the acidity of the rain in various cities all over the world.

There are many sites that describe,in extensive detail, an experiment that uses red cabbage to create natural chemical indicators. In order to follow the same procedure, we will engage in the steps outlined in the following site:

The following is a suggested timeline for the various steps in the experiments:

Week 1: June 22 – 26
This week, we will be carrying out Step 1, during which students will create the indicator. We would be publishing photographs of these indicators in the page for Step 1

Week 2: June 29 – July 3
The indicator will be tested with the substances outlined in Step 2, schools will send photographs of how the indicators change colors when exposed to these substances. Students will create a scale with colors based on the photographs of their indicators for each of the standardized substances, and share those charts.

Week 3: July 6 onwards – wait for the rain!
Once we are ready, and guided by the teachers at each school, students will collect rainwater and use their indicators to analyze the acidity of the collected samples. With that, they will create a chart for school, so as to find averages and analyze the relative acidity and then work together for conclusions in a forum.

Ongoing – discussions and analyses
After we have our symbols on the measurements, the fun part starts, and we will be working towards analyzing results, comparing them with other measurements from public sites, and trying to understand what it all means.

We will be hosting a discussion forum for schools to participate in and share results, questions and insights.

Please let us know of your interest in taking part of the project.